Beck & Chuck

Farseer, XNA

Chuck the Ball! Play as Beck, a young acrobatic rebel, as she fights her way through a factory, killing robots by throwing Chuck at them.

I took intro to game design as a software development class during my sophomore year. Four programmers were paired with two designers, and we had the entire semester to make a single game, to be presented at an end of year showcase.

I was the Lead Programmer of the project, responsible for architecting the system, submitting dependancy diagrams and design documents, and doing a large chuck of the programming.

Our game was an action platformer, similar to Dustforce or Super Meat Boy. Each level consisted of Chucking a deathball at robot enemies to destroy them, and making it safely to the teleporter at the end of the level.

After the semester ended, we submitted and got our game accepted to be showcased in the Boston Festival of Indie Games