Flask, JQuery, MongoDB

Ever had a story or message you had to share with multiple groups of people? Tired of typing up a story on facebook, then copy pasting it to a friend on Skype, before ultimately texting the entire thing up again to another friend? No more! With Stories, write once, share everywhere.

For HackNY, my first hackathon, my friend Jeff and I decided we wanted to make a way to easily share stories across different platforms. Our aim was something more minimalist than a blog, something like pastebin but built for stories, or messages. Something that looked really nice, but also something so simple that those less technically inclined would feel comfortable with it.

Once we got to the hackathon, we ended up drafting two fellow students into our group, Charles and Jen. We then divided into groups, but the workload was light enough that we all got a chance to be involved with every level of development.

My primary responsibility was setting up, and configuring reading and writing to the database. I looked into MongoDB, and found PyMongo, as we were using python as our backend. Charles headed up the Flask, Jen tackled HTML templates, and Jeff manned the CSS and Ajax.

The repository for our application is here and the app is hosted live here.